Hidden Text And Links: Do They Really Increase Your SEO? – Expert Of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan Gives The Answer

Hidden texts and links form the content for your website which is nearly or entirely invisible to the people loading the page. For people carrying out black hat SEO, hidden texts is a method which most webmaster guidelines despise. However, this content can be seen by computers, and so it forms part of the keywords for indexing. Hidden text deceives search engines to rank a website information which may not be part of the visible web page content.

Following the new update on the search algorithm, Google can now detect hidden text. Your website runs a risk of receiving a penalty from the search engine ranking. In severe cases, some keyword stuffing spam tactics can lead to a total deindexation from the search engine database. The Content Strategist of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan, warns that in the recent past, some websites could rank high using this tactic but not anymore.

Hidden Text

This deceptive method can include user content on a webpage in a form that is not visible. For people carrying out Search Engine optimization, hidden text can no longer assist any website to rank as it is readily detectable. It does not have an impact on the website rankings like before. One way which people can use to expose hidden content is by highlighting the entire page. When you press "ctrl+A," you select everything including the hidden content. It can appear in a highlight where you can copy and paste it elsewhere for sorting.

There are many techniques which people can use to conceal text on a webpage. First of all, some people can use texts which have a similar color to the background. As a result, this information is not visible to the person looking at the webpage. Other individuals use tiny fonts on areas of the website where there is a banner or additional information. Concealing the data with a code or object can also render website text as hidden.

Hidden links

Hidden links occur as hidden texts, except that there are permalinks in them. As a result, a website user can experience areas with clickable links which are not clear or visible. Hidden links do not constitute to the SEO performance of a website. Their linkage does not allow link juice to add authority to a domain. Moreover, a site can suffer a ranking penalty when the search engine web crawlers detect too many hidden links.


For a website such as e-commerce sites to perform well in the ranking, there is need to include visible content instead of that which is not visible. All texts present in your web page should be visible to the user. It should also be possible for all the links to be visible. To check for hidden content on a web page, you can highlight everything via a ctrl+A function or use the cursor. In instances where the highlight has the same color with the background, press ctrl+C and paste that content of a word processing software page using text only paste option. You can then sort out the content as well as hidden links which show as permalinks.

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